Papal Cheeseburgers; watching the smoke

If black smoke equals no pope and white smoke equals a new pope, does gray smoke mean the cheeseburgers are done? Holy smoke!

Only someone with great training and a link to the all-knowing can determine when the cheeseburgers are done.

So what about the waiting-for-masses who are also waiting at the papal drive-through window? Surely they see the “help wanted” sign posted.

Should they believe  the cheeseburgers will still be good? Well, yes, of course they should believe the cheeseburgers will be good.

Cheeseburgers come from a higher power.

Gray smoke simply means that the cheeseburgers are almost done. Many people in the faith have different theological opinions on when the cheeseburgers are done. That’s why the world needs a new pope.

Because for each of us, the way to cook a cheeseburger feels like a papal order.


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