The Cheeseburger Economy

Cheeseburger eaters are the real American job creators.

The Freecheezeburgerz job creation test has shown that at least four jobs are created from every customer of the cheeseburger economy. This corporation’s research and development team used disruptive toppings, and discovered excellent prospects for creating lots of work when one customer in this test kitchen wanted a cheeseburger.

That cheeseburger led directly to four jobs created:

  • One person prepared the burger
  • One person cooked the burger
  • One person served the burger
  • One person cleaned up afterward


Freecheezeburgerz’s CEO touted this labor intensive boost to manufacturing. The cheeseburger economy has led to jobs also in innovation, art, and in some cases, engineering. Plus, of course, the big role of transportation and security.

So eat a cheeseburger and create four American jobs for yourself.

Fuzzy political math is fun, and tasty.